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Mar... 02.03.17 15:44

Würde mich über Feedback zu meinem Anschreiben fürs Inhouse Consulting freuen. Ich habe wenig Erfahrungen mit Bewerbungen und freue mich daher über jede Art von Kritik und Verbesserungsvorschlägen.

Vielen Dank schonmal :)

Dear Mrs XY,

With considerable interest, I read your online job posting for Inhouse Consulting Internship at Company XY in XZ. I would very much like to apply for this position. Allow me to tell you why I am motivated to do so. I am interested in pursuing a career in the field of Inhouse Consulting since it encompasses the rare chance to perform directly on core strategies and challenges of Company XY. I am deeply enthusiastic about the prospect of experience a wide variety of functional areas while still go in depth and be part of customized solutions. Besides the opportunity to gather first-hand experience, I consider an internship at Company Xy as a chance to take over responsibility directly from the beginning and unlock my full potential.

As a student of International Business and Management Studies (IBMS) at Fontys International Business School in Venlo, I have had the opportunity to undertake courses such as Business & Operation Management, Quality Management and Business Operations, amongst other subjects, in order to build specific competencies well suited for the position in reference. Here, I acquired the needed persistency to solve even complex problems autonomously. At IBMS, I have the opportunity to be part of a wide variety of consultancy projects. Especially during those, I have learned to identify negligible effects and reduce business problems to its core. In our first year, I led our project group in analyzing the internal environment of Niederrhein Gold GmbH. Here, we identified various strength and weaknesses and successfully supported the company in its sustainable transformation. Furthermore, I was able to invest my analytical skills while teaming up with a group of 5 international students to develop an international strategic outlook for further expansion of Metro Cash & Carry in South-East Asia. The resulting recommendations went on to attract high grades for our project. Another accomplishment is to be a selected student for a consultancy project at the local marketing company BlueHub and as well as for a business research project in Zambia in summer 2017. At BlueHub, we have the chance to implement our concept what underlines the high quality of the services we provided. Besides my academic engagement, I am contributing through my passion for innovation and business development at several student associations. Within my leading position as General Manager of our study association Omnia and Chairman of Student Sports Venlo, we have been successfully able to broaden student live at Fontys Venlo. With regards to questioning the status quo, I established several cooperations with universities, governmental institutions and other stakeholders. As a result, the operating cost for our organizations could be lowered tremendously.

My analytical abilities and motivation for interdisciplinary problems support me in my conviction that I would be a broadly versatile intern within Bayer Business Services collaborative and intellectual culture. I am keenly interested in the prospect of working for your company, and would thus be naturally more than happy to meet up for an interview so as to tell you more about how my qualities and experiences could be of services to you and your company. Thank you kindly for your favorable consideration and look forward to your response.

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