lunch time puzzle

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Wild Wild West ...
Imagine the scene - the most beautiful lady in the whole world, wind blowing in her hair ... and THREE men! They were in competition for the hand of the young lady. So they decided to have a three person duel to see which of them would be lucky enough to marry her.
Their names: Will (that's you!), Arliss, and Kenneth. You, Will, are an expert swordsman, which was really too bad, since by tradition this was going to be a pistol duel. As a pistol shot, you're third-rate, hitting the target only 30% of the time. Kenneth was quite a bit better, hitting his target 50% of the time. And Arliss was the BEST of all, never missing a shot.
To compensate for the obvious inequities in their marksmanship skills, they would fire in turns, beginning with Will, followed by Arliss and then Kenneth. The cycle would repeat until there was but one man standing (with breaks to reload if necessary). Your challenge (other than staying alive and having the hand of the lovely Salma) is to work out, assuming each knew the others' ability and used the optimum strategy, who had the BEST chance of surviving, and what were each
person's odds?

Note: It IS possible for you, Will, to improve your chance of survival! The puzzle requires you to calculate your MAXIMUM chance of survival, and the others' odds, given all strategies available.

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