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Let me tell you one thing and that only once: Go to Bergen and enjoy the exchange semster of a lifetime!


Great parties, great people, great parties


expensive parties


Allgemeine Informationen

Hochschule NHH Norges Handelshøyskole
Stadt Bergen
Studienbeginn August 1999
Studienende Dezember 1999
Titel des Studiengangs Business Management
Fachrichtung Wirtschaftswissenschaften - BWL
Studiensprache Englisch


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Die Hochschule

Studienbedingungen und Ausstattung der Hochschule

It is hard to get credits for foreign exams in Cologne, but you can always try. Contact the international office in Bergen for info (www.nhh.no) or your local CEMS office (www.cems.org and www.cems-club.com). In spring there is UKEN, a one week festival in which the whole school takes part.

Good computer labs, nice but small library and a good canteen.

The school is not too hard compared to Cologne. The grading system ranges from 0 to 9 - a 2 is a pass, but don´t try to get a job in Norway with anything below a 5.

Ausstattung der Universität

Services und Angebote


There are recruiting events by companies almost every day. Some of them are in English and offer a good opportunity to get to know a company and get a few drinks for free. Internships are not a popular thing in Norway, so Norwegian companies don´t really offer many.

Career Services

Kosten und Gebühren

The price level in Norway is very high. About 40% higher than in Germany. Especially alcoholic beverages and cigarettes make the regular party driven Bergen experience costy. There is a high tax on alcohol in Norway. If you come by car, you might be able to bring some food and alcohol (even if you don´t drink, you will find happy buyers). But I wouldn´t take any chances, they do serach cars regularly.


The international commitee at NHH organized a great welcome week with a lot of drinking games for the exchange students. The atmosphere has been just great! The local student organizations always hold exciting events. If you have any problems or questions there is always the helpful international office that will suport you.

Qualität der Studienberatung
Qualität der Professoren

Das Studienangebot

International Marketing
Andreas Falkenberg is a fun guy, speaks good english and gives good grades. The class title should rather be international ethics, since most of the time we talked about ethics and moral values. Of course these are things that an international marketer has to keep in mind, but bottomline, this class has little to do with marketing. But it is interesting nevertheless. The exam constisted of a term paper and a written exam at the end of the semester. Don´t study too hard for this one.
International Finance
Svein Arne Person, the teacher, is a fun guy, but his class sucks. Now I am not too interested in Finance myself, but even people that are agree with me. His exam was way too hard compared to the classes he gave. Do not take this class if Svein is holding it.
Business Location Decisions
Eirik Vatne is the most boring teacher you could think of. He may be a nice person, but his english is not very good and he is not a very exciting speaker. Don´t go, read the book.
The Chinese Economy
This was jointly also held by Vatne, but alas! This class has been a most exciting experience! We had guest lecturers from companies and other schools, the class has been held together with 3 other CEMS schools and it culminated in a great 3 day seminar in Stockholm, Sweden. If this class is offered again, go for it!

Weitere Einblicke


We teamed up as six students from Cologne going to Bergen with three cars. We wanted the freedom to carry many clothes and our PCs. It´s a 10-12 hour ride up to the north of Denmark, then another 15 hours on the ferry to Bergen. Not too bad. Flights are rather expensive, Bergen is not exactly the main hub airport, so the flights can also be sold out early. I do not suggest trying to drive all the way through Norway. Ferry or car. Maybe the train is an alternative. In the city of Bergen you usually get around by bus. There is an extra charge if you want to enter the city with a car and then the parking lots are expensive, too. Late at night you will have to take a taxi when busses are not operated any more, but Taxis are, as so many things in Norway, expensive. If you want to travel around in Norway, there are buses that take you to most of the interesting spots close to Bergen. The jetboat will take you to Stavanger. The train down to Oslo. You can also easily rent cars.

Das sollte man mitbringen

You can open a bank account in Bergen, but for bankcard holders from most European countries you will be fine with your card and the ATMs in Bergen. Most countries need a visa for Norway, since it is not an EU member (yet). Bring warm and rain-resistant clothes. Bergen is the city with the most rain in Europe. Hatleberg has free internet connections for each room, so bringing your PC is a good idea. Together with ICQ the PC is a good tool to keep contact with folks back home.


Most of the one-semester exchange students stay at Hatleberg Studenthjem (www.hatleberg.org) which is situated right opposite of the school. MIB students (that´s Master of international business not Men in black!) usually stay at a different place. My tip: Do try to get into Hatleberg B-Block at all cost. If you are lucky you will get a room with a view over the fjord. The quality of living is good, not luxurious, but good. Most important: There is always a party in Hatleberg B, it´s really the coolest place I ever lived. Cost of accomodation is comparable to Cologne, thus it´s high. About US$ 250 a month.

Lustige Geschichte

Where should I start? The whole Norway experience was so full of funny events. One exceptional party at the school´s own disco "Klubben" was the "Bierstuben". Norwegians dressed up in German-style leather pants playing German folk music. They messed up the lyrics all the time, but that didn´t matter. Ein Prosit in Gemuetlíchkeit, eins, zwei, wir saufen! Once more this shows that the grim North can be quite fun when it comes to partying. Never before have I partied that much.

Interessante Information

As mentioned before the MIB program may be of interest to you. It takes three semesters and if you like the place you might as weill go for it.


Die Stadt


The people in Norway are, hm, different from people in other countries. But nice. The students are very open minded, while some of the elder Norwegians seem rude at times to foreigners. I guess that´s just because they are used to being alone in the wild nature without too many people around them. The shopping downtown is good and always exciting. There are two cinemas and many, many bars and small clubs. Bergen is a great party city! The Roofgarden is a fun place to hang out when you are out with a bunch of people.

The international committee took us to the school´s own cabin in the mountains. It was a great trip and we had a lot of Hansa beer. Besides that we went to Flam and hiked around in the beautiful mountains. Norway is a great place to go on excursions and get to see beautiful nature. By ourselves we went to the big glacier in the north, which has been a breathtaking experience. Some people also went down to Stavanger with the jetboat. I suggest the summer for most travel plans.

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