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Oktober 1997 - Juli 1998


Wirtschaftswissenschaften - BWL

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Ich werde mit meiner spanischen Zukünftigen in 2 Jahren nach Barcelona ziehen, und dann kriegt mich da keiner mehr weg. It's thee place to be!!!



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Super Sportanlagen, PC's historisch

Services und Angebote


Para decir la verdad, no me importaban las empresas mucho... mas la marcha :)

Kosten und Gebühren

Alles in allem - inklusive Reisen, Miete, Partys, Carajillos, Cervezas, etc. - lag mein monatlicher Kapitalbedarf bei ca. 1800,- DM.


Sehr viele Veranstaltungen. Aufgrund der Größe der UB (>60.000) ist alles jedoch recht unüberschaubar. Meine WG-Kollegen waren aber an ESADE im Rahmen des CEMS-Programms. Da war sofort klar, wo es lang gehen würde... :)

Weitere Einblicke


Metro, Bus. Barcelona verfügt seit den Olympischen Spielen über eine super Infrastruktur. Parkplätze gibt es so gut wie keine. Daher ist ein Auto nur sinnvoll, wenn man bei Kurztrips nicht darauf verzichten will.

Das sollte man mitbringen

Kreditkarte, Handy! Vor Ort sollte man sich dann eine Pre-paid Karte holen.


Fragt Fabian Wasmus, der 2 Stockwerke über mir gewohnt hat.. - Mitten im Zentrum im Barrio Chino in einem Altbau von 1848... Dementsprechend "anders" war die 3er WG auch. Im Nachhinein bereue ich den autentischen Kick, der mich immer noch in Melancholie schießt, aber keineswegs. El precio: 400,- DM warm

Lustige Geschichte

SEVILLE97 Nine guys, five female, four male, five countries… one trip! <> It all began at Jon’s party... Some guys, Ruben and Steve to name but a few, decided to spend the upcoming weekend in Seville. They wanted to fly down there and stay from Thursday to Monday. - It was Sameer’s and Roni´s idea to rent a van and make this trip by car instead. Soon a crew of nine young and brave volunteers was found and with great anticipation we all were waiting for ... Thursday Sameer had to cancel the trip, because some friends had arrived, and so Veronika is the lucky one to take his place. Now it’s up to us: Anna, Anne (French), Ivan (Argentinan), Veronika (Swedish), Kathy, Chris, Jodie, Roni (Canadian) and Flo (German)...the fabulous nine! Of course we can’t leave ESADE at 1.30. Usual personal delays... - But finally there’s the bus, the nine of us and the luggage packed. So nothing but Anne´s everlasting hunger can stop us now. Since the rest of us neglect her demand for food, we are off on our way to the first stop…Zaragoza. After three hours of fun and singing we’re crossing the city border. And for the very first time one of these famous discussions starts, where to eat, where to go and where to park. It’s raining cats and dogs and it’s freezing. After having made plenty of photos of this extremely big Pilar church, we decide that Mc Donald’s all right. - Fine, but where to park? There’s no fucking place to park nowhere... - Well, we have Roni, who takes care of that problem. He just parks directly in front of the Mc Donald’s on the sidewalk at a bus-stop! That’s worth some applause. - Having smoked and peed, being stuffed with fast food, we’re aiming at our next stop…Madrid. Madrid’s really a great place. And since we’ve absolutely no clue where to go and where to park, we’re just cruising around for a while, and thus, of course, we see quite a lot of the city. Roni keeps on asking 90% of the Madrilenians for directions to nowhere while Veronika´s apparently impressed by their good looking. We’re having a lot of fun...and, by the way, where’s the fucking centre? After having found it, "mucho gusto", again we have this parking problem. And this time we really have a problem... We find some parking garage, cool…<> But this fucking place isn’t built for vans that big, shit!... Suddenly our rear gets stuck… “Fuck!!!” - Roni totally cracks out… Well, it’s a fucking rental car... Meanwhile hundreds of cars are waiting behind us, hooting... Fuck´em - We are laughing like hell, it’s too much…Roni, you OK? Finally the garage dude makes all of us get into the trunk, so that the van can move backwards. And damn, it works. That guy isn’t that dumb… We are back to freedom and after some more exciting cruising we find an accurate parking garage. Everybody has to do one thing now - no alternatives - and that is: Pee! And hey, a PANS over there! People are gawking at us! 9 guys walking into the place, heading straight for the bathroom… After checking the walking zone we split on our never-ending search for food: burgers vs. bocadillos. - A quick photo session on Plaza Mayor… well, actually our photo sessions last forever, because, of course, everybody wants to have the same identical pictures. Now we’ve seen everything being worth to be seen in Madrid. Three hours of fun in a cool city and we’re on the road again... - By the way, did you know there was water in Madrid...we’ve just crossed a bridge! Ivan’s driving now, and he too does a very good job, just like Roni. We hit Seville at about 6 am after 16 hours of examining a pretty dark Spain - and we definitely need a bed now! The plan is to conquer the hotel, wake up Ruben and co., get some bed and sleep! It works… Good night! Friday After 12 hours in a bus, you know how great a bed feels. That’s probably why most of us stay in there until two... In the afternoon it’s sight-seeing time. We split and explore the town in small groups: Cathedral, Plaza Español, Juan Carlos´ bathrooms...the complete programme. It’s a very nice city with a lot of Arabic influence. You can see that everywhere. And those dudes didn’t destroy our culture back in the day as we used to do …barbarians. For the night Ruben has arranged something with a couple of students from Seville. So, after inhaling Sangría-Vodka in our Palais like hotel we’re heading for a cool Flamenco-Bar to experience 100% Spain. Altogether it’s a bunch of more than 20 now, together with Jon, Steve and all the others who took the plane. It’s really a cool place with guitar-players and great atmosphere. Somehow Kathy is too inspired by the performance of a local dancer. She suddenly dances the funky Flamenco chicken, turning herself into the Flamenco Queen of Seville… Are you drunk? Veronika sees herself loosing ground and decides to accompany Kathy, who’s totally in it now! The Swedish-Canadian Flamenco-Inferno is complete… After a while, still breathing Spain, we move on to another bar. But, man, this bar sucks, and so we agree on discovering the club scene right away... Of course, it has to be a Pijo place, and the one we choose is great. Cool music and good people, and hey, what’s going on? Suddenly Anna and Anne are starting to argue about… well, actually nothing. They act like two girlies in their puberty and fortunately there’s no mud around to wrestle… Ivan gives a shit and enjoys the music from the 80ies. Chris is dancing like it’s his last time to dance and Veronika´s flirting around with every single male available. The other ones just get wasted far beyond reasonable doubt… It’s a great night and somehow, sometime everybody makes it back to the hotel, except one... Saturday It’s like yesterday: First we chill out intensively, then we go and see the sights we haven’t seen yet. - Oh, Ivan’s back... For the night a dinner’s been planned in a village outside of Seville. To get there we have to be sort of flexible: 16 people gotsta fit in the van… and it works perfectly: 3 in the front, 3 in the trunk and 10 in between. We arrive at the restaurant – 26 people – and, guess what, there’s only one table for four! Who the fuck didn’t make a reservation??? Goodness, 26 guys and no reservation. Even Mc Donald’s would make us wait to be seated… But, of course, we are flexible. We just change plans and go back to the city. And that is definitely bad for those guys who didn’t eat anything before. Why? Because our Lebanese friend just parks in the centre of the middle of nowhere. There’s no fucking bar, no restaurant no nothing within one square mile. We walk and walk and walk… – Hey, thank you, Roni! – and the group’s being torn into pieces. Everybody finds himself something eatable, and then some go to a Salsa-Bar, some hang around in different pubs, bars and clubs, and there’s still water in Madrid... The Seville nightlife is great and everybody parties his or her ass off, especially Chris and Ivan... Sunday We’ve decided to leave Seville on Sunday and see some more places. Of course, extensive discussions emerge - in accordance with the fucking UN peace treaty though - where to go, what to do, where to park... Several teachers had told us that the cutest Spanish boys lived in Cordoba. And so, we almost go there, but then the reason triumphs and we are heading for…Granada. After 3 hours we arrive, and since some of us are kind of educated and know that one has to see the Alhambra, Europe’s biggest castle, we go straight there (Where’s the centre, Roni? - OK, let’s ask someone!). The Alhambra’s impressive. It’s huge. – Unfortunately we cannot get in, because it’s dark and late already. We make the best out of it and try to climb the walls instead. But even without any defending squad we just don’t make it. Roni really tries hard… without success. Of course the guys have to shoot some pictures again. And once more a poor aborigine’s confronted with 24353 cameras… At the foot of the mountain there’s a very nice part of the city with lots of old historical houses, dark lanes, a small river and many tiny bars. We decide to stay and search for a restaurant… After countless suggestions, we find a decent place. <> In the ASADOR Plaza Mayor Bocadilleria, Gran Cafe desde 1996, we enjoy a fabulous dinner, having a great controversy about sexual revolution, girls being topless at beaches and why there’s no water in Madrid anymore. It’s so funny to listen to the Arabic-Argentinean point of view meeting more open ones. And since it’s more kind of an oral fight than an argument, being fought with meanest rhetorical weapons, the famous, historical “Fucking UN Peace Treaty” has to be signed by everybody, witnessed by Hovard, the impartial Norwegian. <> Veronika’s still marketing Cordoba, but in the end its fabulous boys just cannot convince the rest of the group and a vote on our next stop confirms the coastal route via...Alicante. Monday It’s about midnight when we leave Granada, facing a 6-hour trip to Alicante. Ivan, Anne and Flo are sitting in the front, taking care of not falling asleep. The first achievement of those losers is to take a wrong exit., which means a detour via Andalusia’s countryside. Well, most of the others are sleeping and nobody complains. Anyway, the three upfront are convinced to have discovered a much more beautiful route... <> To keep Ivan awake we’re singing the songs, we all have been listening to for four days now. And we’re so good at singing the songs we’ve been listening to for four days, that we accomplish to do so for more than five hours! Somewhere in the centre of the centre of the middle of nowhere we have to stop at a gas station. We’re definitely not the type of people that get along very well with the word ‘boring’, so Flo spontaneously throws in some Snoop Doggy Dog tape and the party’s pumping… Everybody starts to dance the already established funky Flamenco chicken and Ivan and Roni even use the van’s roof as a dance floor! But what can the gas man say? Crazy Germans? Crazy Canadians? Crazy Swedish? No cliché fits, damn it! Finally we arrive in Alicante and there we just want to grab some more sleep before the famous Alicante sunrise will make us freeze in astonishment… Man, it’s so difficult to sleep in a 9-people-van with actually 9 people in the fucking van. “Hey, can’t you guys just shut the fuck up?!” – “Man, your feet stink, brother!” – “Who farted???” – “Can you open the window, please?” – “Can you shut the fucking window, it’s freezing!”… Somehow we just cannot keep silent. But it’s so funny. – As mentioned above, one major reason, why we are here in Alicante is its gripping sunrise. But almost everybody is fucked up and tired and when we wake up it’s a beautiful sunny day, apparently with the sun risen already… We are definitely very fortunate with the weather that day. Sunny, no clouds and water in Madrid. But before we can throw Chris and Veronika into the water we have to “brunch” first. - The Croissants are delicious and gradually everybody wakes up. It’s awesome: 25 degrees, the water not too cold and Roni’s butthair trimmed. Our French Connection shocks the Arabic-Argentinean world view by being really topless and Chris’ still lying in the van being ill and tired, not knowing what’s gonna happen to him! First Ivan, Flo and Roni attack poor Veronika. Somehow it’s mean, but well, there’s a child in everyone of us... - Then it’s Chris´ turn. After getting rid of watches and credit cards the stormy sea swallows him… We all are having a great time at the beach, and even if there’re no bridges there’s definitely water in Alicante which we leave at about one aiming at our final stop… Valencia. As usual we don’t know where to go and where to park. At least we do know what to do: eat. For the second time Roni parks totally illegal with the warning flashers warning, and then we’re having our final lunch together or dinner or whatever you call it. Roni makes the last 358 kilometres that’s left perfectly, and around 8 p.m. we’re back in the city. <> <>


Das Interview

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Die Uni Bamberg ist klein, relativ unbekannt und hat keine große Lobby... Eines hat sie jedoch, ein hervorragendes Angebot an Auslandsstudienplätzen. Das Bewerbungsprozedere war sicherlich sehr institutionalisiert, wie überall, der Bottle-neck aber sehr breit, das Annahmeverfahren verlief ohne Komplikationen.

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