Università commerciale Luigi Bocconi (Business Administration)

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It was a great time that I will never forget. I would always do it again. It's important to make most out of it, get to know natives, take the chances where they come up and just do whatever seems worth doing. This made this semester so unique. It was so great that I stayed another 1/2 a year for working experience to round up the picture.


Great people and studying environment


It's hard to focus on your studies, but that's alright


Allgemeine Informationen

Hochschule Università commerciale Luigi Bocconi
Stadt Milano
Studienbeginn September 1997
Studienende Februar 1998
Titel des Studiengangs Business Administration
Fachrichtung Wirtschaftswissenschaften - BWL
Studiensprache Englisch, Italian


CEMS - The global alliance in management education

Die Hochschule

Studienbedingungen und Ausstattung der Hochschule

pretty good equipment good food at the cafeteria

Ausstattung der Universität

Services und Angebote


The placement office is very active. There are plenty intership opportunities and recruiting events all the times

Career Services

Kosten und Gebühren

You don't really want to know! Just keep in mind that you go out and travel around a lot. Food is very good and not very expensive though, especially if you take advantage of the so called Apperitivo: free food and drinks for 1/2 price


The SEN and the CEMS-office were very supportive and helped with any problem. They organized weekly events, tickets for the Scala and short trips over the weekend.

Qualität der Studienberatung
Qualität der Professoren

Das Studienangebot

International Marketing
Valdani is a great professor and gives you a nice overview of Italian companies. Many case studies Italian class
European law
The treaty of Maastricht was sometimes difficult to deal with in Italian, but in the end it wasn't to difficult to follow the class. Italian class
International government
We had a visiting professor from NYC who was great. The Italian professor took it very easy. English class

Weitere Einblicke


We shared a car to arrive in Milan. In Milan itself you don't really need a car though. It's easy to get aroung by public transportation. The trains in Italy are pretty cheap and make it easy to get everywhere over the weekend.

Das sollte man mitbringen

It's not a problem to open a bank account, but you might as well get cash from your home checking account. It's not a problem to fall in love with the Italian fashion and to adapt to their style quickly. You don't need to bring your computer along, there are plenty available at the university, and while you wait for your computer you always meet tons of people. Italians always have a mobile phone, so you definitely need one to keep up with what's going on.


I lived in an appartment close to the university with 2 italian girls. I found the appartment through the housing list provided by the university to support the exchange students in finding an appartment. The room was around LIT 600.000. It was a beautiful appartment with a nice kitchen and living room (with a washing mashine) and fairly cosy.


Lustige Geschichte

Where should I start...


Die Stadt


Fantastic city with a great cultural offer! Just explore it yourself.. Don't miss the Scala, the Duomo, Porta Ticinese with the Trattoria Toscana and Da Willy's

Cinqueterre and Santa Margherita is definitely worth a trip, as well as Roma, Firenze, Venezia, Padova, and so on. Its not hard to find a nice place

Bewertung Stadt

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