Maastricht University (Wirtschaftswissenschaften)

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I would go again definitively.


Contact to professors, study content - I'd say Maastricht university is linked quite well into the anglo-saxon system. You can sometimes learn more progressive and also other things than you would in Germany.


Even more foreign students/less Germans.


Allgemeine Informationen

Hochschule Maastricht University
Stadt Maastricht
Studienbeginn September 1994
Studienende Juni 1998
Titel des Studiengangs Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Fachrichtung Wirtschaftswissenschaften - BWL
Studiensprache Englisch, Dutch

Die Hochschule

Studienbedingungen und Ausstattung der Hochschule

Good computer facilities, only too few for a strongly increasing no. of students, should have been improved by now.
Library is ok,
large and diversified sports program

Ausstattung der Universität

Services und Angebote


almost all the works as on US campus, including alumni-association and 'monitoring' of careers
lots of opportunities for work in student projects
many student-organized congresses and on campus roadshows of employers

Career Services

Kosten und Gebühren

Price-level is maybe somewhat cheaper for normal stuff, but if you want to spend a fortune on clothing or antiques that's possible too.


we were some of the very first students for this program so we had some room to define the rules and were cared for well. In later years this may have suffered from the increase in student nos but should still be ok.

Qualität der Studienberatung
Qualität der Professoren

Das Studienangebot

International Economics
Again a whole study program: too much to discuss in detail.
Generally good program with dedicated professors, anglo-saxon system (open door, close contact possible).
Specialty: few to no lectures, seminar system with problem-based learning. If you are into tackling problems one after another in groups you should give it a try.
If you prefer to do other things during semester and start learning before the tests you might find the system being too much like school ;-).

Weitere Einblicke


Get a car. Train connection to Aix-la-Chapelle is bad. Better is the bus which takes about an hour. Connection to Belgium and in the Nethrelands are better.
In town: bicycle (what else in the Netherlands)

Das sollte man mitbringen

You have to register: in Belgium people were really nice, Dutch procedures were without fuss as far as I know from my friends.


Outside of Maastricht in Belgium, which was nice because of the house-mates and comparatively cheap. Living in town has definitive advantages when going out!


Lustige Geschichte

Dutch people may be less direct than Germans, implying something rather than spelling it out. Consider this.
Sometimes you can read about the strained relationship between Dutch and German people. On the personal level this is usually no problem.

Interessante Information

Try to get into contact with local/Dutch people, foreign students, otherwise you might end up speaking mainly your mother language (whatever that is).
Trips to Amsterdam.
Student associations are a very important part of Dutch student life - look around and consider one.

Die Stadt


Maastricht is another town with a diversified cafe/bar scene. Very nice. Dutch students usually go home in the weekend, Maastrichtenaars take over then.
Nice countryside with opportunities for biking and walking.
Carnaval - same type as in Cologne: Bar and street, very interesting costumes!

Bewertung Stadt

Das Interview

Ablauf des Interviews

I remember there were a lot of forms to fill in, but no problem they were clear and it did not take too long.

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