University of California, Santa Cruz (Wirtschaftswissenschaften)

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It was a very good stay, I would do it agian only for a longer period, try to get hold of cheaper housing and try to spent less money.


atmosphere of the campus working conditions, facilities good, dedicated professors


Allgemeine Informationen

Hochschule University of California, Santa Cruz
Stadt Santa Cruz
Studienbeginn September 1997
Studienende Dezember 1997
Titel des Studiengangs Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Fachrichtung Wirtschaftswissenschaften - BWL
Studiensprache Englisch

Die Hochschule

Studienbedingungen und Ausstattung der Hochschule

very, very good resources:
- library
- internet access
- online book catalogues
good working environment

Sports: lots of choice, good facilities

Ausstattung der Universität

Services und Angebote


I guess so, but I was not interested, so can't comment

Kosten und Gebühren

quite expensive cost of living 1US$ buys roughlöy as much as 1 Deutschmark


I don't remember much of an introduction, but it was always clear what I had to do and whom to talk to

Qualität der Studienberatung
Qualität der Professoren

Das Studienangebot

Neural Networks
mathematical treatment of various types of neural networks, examination: student project in Mathematica, collaboration possible
Undergrad course, pretty easy but still very interesting, dedicated teacher
Directed reading
I could make up my own set of literature, which I did to cover some topics for my final thesis. Supervisor. interested PhD student whom I (!) taught a lot.

Weitere Einblicke


Getting to Santa Cruz:
From Europe you have to take a plane, obviously, to San Francisco in this case.
There are taxi-services that transfer you directly from SF Airport to whereever you want to go in Santa Cruz (about 35 US$). In Santa Cruz there is a bus network that is free for students, once you have your student card.
You can buy cars quite cheaply, if you dare.
Non- Us driving licenses are accepted for the first six weeks after that you have get a US drivers licence.

Das sollte man mitbringen

Visa necessary must be organized beforehand, otherwise you'll be send back at the airport.
Once the papers were ready and complete (bank statement, vaccination) - which took some time things went smooth (about a week). You can pick up the papers at the consulate/embassy personally if you happen to live near one.


Graduate student housing on campus. About 80 places for 540 US$ (pretty expensive, but getting on campus from downtown Santa Cruz takes a while). 4 poeople share a floor with kitchen, two bathrooms and a lining room.


Lustige Geschichte

sorry no major stories here, just kkep to the undergrads ;-)

Interessante Information

You will probably work harder than you imagined before and still have fun, or you can just enjoy your life. Jobs: on campus as teaching assistant, if you are there for a regular study, not as exchange student. Visa restrictions apply.

Die Stadt


in town: not too many bars, but acceptable for a town of about 50,000 inhabitants,
party-life on campus. get into contact with undergrads - lots of fun;
Grad students work hard usually and often have family - less party there.
lots of choices: SF, Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, LA - is rather disapointing, Santa Cruz itself is a surfer's place!

Bewertung Stadt

Das Interview

Ablauf des Interviews

Actually there was no major selection process, since demand was incredibly low. Probably due to the high costrs of such a trip.

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