University of Missouri - Columbia (International Business and Economics)


University of Missouri - Columbia

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International Business and Economics




August 1998 - April 1999


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Every class is 40 minutes and there is 10 minutes interval betwen each class

I really liked the technical side there. There was no probled with computers and Internet there. There was a large sport comples with a swimming pool, indoor and outdoor sport facilities. Very easily accesible cafeterias . All walking roads and entrances were equipped for handicapped as well

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The university had Career Center and its branched are accomodated with the special features for each dpartment at school. During my stay they held 2 Internship and Employment Fairs

Kosten und Gebühren

Like I said before, it was a small city according to my thinking . Around 80 000 people and half of then were students. So it was not very expensive. I didnt live very fancy life there and i believe it costed me 150-200 $ a month for recreation and other stuff for fun.


We had an excellent orientation. First we had in Washington , D. C. It was about 7 days. We were greeted by the authorities of the program. After that, we went to California and spent there 2 weeks studying and learning american system of higher education. Finally, when I arrived to my school( University of Missouri) all exchange students had a introduction held my the university itself. So i can say in the end I knew more about everyhting there than I know about my own school :)

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it depends on a program administration sometimes a student has to a find transportation herself, at other times a program will provide it As for me, I flew from Moscow to New York and everything was prepared and payed by the program. The city as well as the campus where I stayed wasnt` very big. So I walked from the dorm and classes. Some of my friends bought a bike. At first there was a problem to go shopping since the bus transportation is limited there and i didnt have a bus schedule in the beginning. Later my friends gave me a ride.

Das sollte man mitbringen

It was a really caring program that i was on because they provided room and board, medical insurance and visa. Usually exchange students at MU bus the university medical insurance that covers most but not all health problems cases. Generally, it depends on a school


I stayed on campus and lived in the co-ed dorm. The local international center had reserved a room for me in advance. and I think my program had asked them to do so. We were 2 in the room, me and the other room, who was from St. Louis. I would advise those who plan to go to the USA to bring the bed \"clothes\" with. The only thing they provide in the dorms for a bed is a matrass. The students are expected to bring their own stuff. With the things that my american roomate brought is was ok. Phone with answering machine, 2 wardrobes, a mirrow, 2 beds.


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