Lego (Regional H.Q. for Asia Pacific located in Singapore)

Art des Erfahrungsberichts:Unternehmen/ Job
Unternehmen: Lego
Stadt: Billund
Position: Job
Beginn oder Zeitraum: April 1997 - August 1999

Erfahrungsbericht Zusammenfassung Lego


Yes definately, remember you make it happen. You will mold the experiences that you have at LEGO. The changes I would recommend are already being implemented.

Free working environment, cool products, massive resources, fun, adventure, travel, imagination, and a lot of goodwill whereever you go
A bit too Danish at times, lack professionalism intenally at times

Beschreibung der Arbeit

Responsible for the Implementation of the LEGO Truckshow Asia, the biggest marketing initiative that the LEGO Group has ever ventured in Asia Pacific Partly responsible for production of regional TVC. Partly responsible for the implementation of LEGO Club Magazine. Implemented LEGO conferences. Updated regional directors on market and competitor trends. Initiated and succesfully negotiated several regional and local Co-promotion deals. Implemented LEGOs presence at Singapore Design Forum 1998. Co-responsible for the successful revelation of the LEGO brandstatement with Singaporian kids playing LEGO Mindstorms over the Internet with UK kids. Educated sales-force personal on merchandising and sales. Acted as regional management support Initiated and implementated Etc.

Lernerfahrung und persönliche Entwicklung

Atmosphäre - Lego

Diese Persönlichkeit passt ins Unternehmen

Although it is an International company, you will probably be shocked if you are a foreigner. The H.Q. in Billund is very Danish, and is placed in the countryside. If you have a good idea and can argument for it - you will be give the resources necessary It is not a stressfree environment, there is a lot of activity, but there is no back-stabbing - its is a nice place to work.


Tip: Don't be ordinary but be yourself - and that goes in any job.... I believe the personal department has been outsourced - sorry But be cheeky and aim high...

Kooperation untereinander

Die Stadt


Singapore A great place to live. Most international cities offer good flight connection to Singapore. The city is wonderfully clean, the food is out of this world (still miss it) the service is excellent, the people are polite. Futhermore Singapore has a wellfunctioning infrastructure and is conveniently located in the center of Asia Pacific Everybody speaks English. Renting an appartment however is expensive, mine was 2800 SGD a month, but standards are high for expat living, my condo had swiming pool, squash court and fitness room Plenty of sports and cheap travel to nearby island, great for scuba-diving. Culturally Singapore is so-so, but there are plenty of cinemas and nightlife, however alcohol is VERY expensive Sports and recreation - everywhere.

Bewertung Stadt

Das Interview

Ablauf des Interviews

I came in the back-door, by being very cheeky and very persistent. LEGO does not react immediately, but when they do react they move fast.

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