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April - September 1997



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  • One can learn a lot and can have really fun


  • but sometimes it is a little caotic


It was just great. I mean, it was not perfect at all, but that was where I learned most from... improvising... But fun, I had really FUN

Beschreibung der Arbeit

Since I made that internship about 3 Years ago I try to remember as good as I can. But even if I am very detailed in my description, it might be that things have changed meanwhile. Although I know that people there are still the same, thus I believe going there you still could have the time of your live as it happened to me back in 1997. First of all, working hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. from mo.-fr. so just normal. Working language is a mixture out of English and German since the chambers staff is mixed as well. So what did I do there: Working in the Marketing Department I had to conduct Market Researches, Business Partner Searches, Exhibitor support on trade fairs but of course I also had to answer tons of daily inquiries. Among all the different things I did there the Researches have been the most interesting ones. One had to identify for instance potential business partners for a German midsize company that was considering to go and to explore the US-American market. Quite challenging was the fact that one did not have any budget, means NO money to spend to get information. Just your fantasy, your voice, your telephone, computer and internet. It is fun believe me and once you start understanding the business than you have a chance for success. A brilliant thing was the teamwork I experienced there. I mean you always could relay on your fellow interns. It´s not always happening that one finds that at work.

Diese Persönlichkeit passt ins Unternehmen

You definitely should be a team player, should have a sense of humor and should be able to take it as it comes. And if do not like it, then tell it.


Sorry, I do not have any name any more that would be secure...

Die Stadt


Getting to Atlanta is really no problem since one of the biggest Airlines, DELTA, has its main airport there. To find an appropriate housing is easy because the chamber has a list of Landlords an Landladies that do have rooms for rent. Cultural activities and the going out is just great in Atlanta. My favorite have been the Virginia Highlands, nice European style quarter with lots of cafes pubs and fashion shops... it is also a great area to live in. If you really wonna get drunk, if you wonna party your ass off, then you gotta go to Buckhead. Thats like El Arenal on Mallorka. If you wonna go clubbing your should try the midtown area. Besides there are lots of other cultural events like the peach tree race, midtown festival, freak nick, and so on. Atlanta is a great city to live in.

Of course you need a J1 visa for working in the States. But this should not be a decisive problem anymore after you have contacted the CIEE as recommended on the gacc homepage. Another possibility is for instance to contact the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft in Cologne (if you are German). They have interesting scholarships and can also help with visa. But be careful with scholarships, because if go with a scholarship it is hard to change visa status... since you are subject to rule 212 E. That is a little tricky and I do not want to explain it all, but it could become a problem, if you are almost graduated and you get a offer to stay in the States and continue working there... Just ask CIEE or CDG

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Just write directly to the Chamber. Follow their instructions on their homepage and just call them if you have some more detailed questions. A interview probably will not happen. At least it did not happen at my time.

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