Levi Strauss (Marketing and Advertisement Levi Strauss Italia)


Levi Strauss


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Juni - September 1999



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  • When you have such an internship it´s sometimes hard to see the difference to a holliday.


For me it was a great experience, the Levi´s culture is very special, for the first interview I did not really now what to ware, so I decided to miw jeans with a jacket, that was even too much.
The special about the atmosphere is that hierarchies are very low, a very colleagal atmosphere, you go out together and so on.
What I personally did not like was that everybody was smoking in the office, apert from that it was great.

Beschreibung der Arbeit

Levi´s Italy sponsored an italian music television channel for launching their new trousers 566 sta-prest. My job was it to accompany the tour throughout whole Italy and to be present at the Territorio Matchmusic at Riccione on the adriatic coast. Together with two other italian students we organized give-aways, trousers for the artists and supervised the sponsoring. We got in touch with the local Levi´s stores, furnished them with a certain amount of the new product that wasn´t yet for sale, looked how and if they exposed the material. Furthermore we did an market research about the awareness of the Levi´s sta-prest advertisement ( Flat Eric and Angel) and about the labels teenies prefer. We were very independent and had a lot of responsibility. But the most important thing: we had a lot of fun. I went to see Naple, Palermo, Brindisi, Bologna, Modena and Florence, knew a lot of people with differnt backgronds and learned to organize myself. CEMS is good known within the company, they have their regional HQ in Bruxelles and offer from time to time internships. I just can recommend it.

Diese Persönlichkeit passt ins Unternehmen

very communicative, tollerant, team spirit, initiative


My application was organized by the placement office of the Bocconi University. They publish every week a paper with the latest job-offers.

Das Interview

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Ablauf des Interviews

There were two interviews, the first one was a personal interview were they asked me about my motivation, explained me the job and checked my language skills.
The second interview was a kind of a case study. Together with other students from Bocconi and another university of Milan we had to prepare a weekend program for a Levi´s team from the regional HQ in Bruxelles. Everyone was buddy of one person, we got a short description of the person we had to care for. The difficulty was to create a program that fitted to all the different characters of the people coming from Bruxelles. It was important to contribute in a constructiv way to the discussion, some made the mistake to care just for the person that they were reponsible for.

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