T-Systems (Finance & Accounting DaimlerChrysler Capital (debis) Asia Pacific Pte.Ltd.)

Art des Erfahrungsberichts:Unternehmen/ Praktikum
Unternehmen: T-Systems
Stadt: Singapore
Position: Praktikant
Beginn oder Zeitraum: Januar 1999 - April 2000

Erfahrungsbericht Zusammenfassung T-Systems


Overall rating: Very good for the company and excellent for the country and the people I met.


Beschreibung der Arbeit

I did this internship right after my exchange semester in Norway. (see report on exchange semester) All in all my internship lasted about 3 1/2 month. For a about half the time I worked in the Finance & Accounting Dep. and the rest I spend in the Business Development Dep. First, as I was still in Norway I was told to get an urgent 3 month lasting project which sounded pretty interesting in its description. But this did not happen. I mean that real live. I just came different. During my time in Finance & Acc. I had 3 projects where I was involved in. That was a reengineering project, a evaluation project about internal shared services and the planing of a office move of a local subsidiary. Every single one was pretty interesting, but I did not like the \"project hoping\" my boss (a GM) made me doing. So, since I got along with one of the Vice Presidents pretty well I finally moved to his Business Development Dep. where I was assigned with a e-commerce strategy project. That was a chance that came to me as unexpected as I lost the first promised project and it was a real challenge. It was just me and the boss, cos the project just got kick started at that time. I was involved in all relevant meetings and got a good insight and feet back. But on the other hand it was not an easy game to play. Many times you really have to kick asses, especially if you some guys help when they are themselves !really! busy. O.k. I stop this small talk about that. Everyone you likes to get more information just contact me. Now just more useful infos: working hours are normal, means from about 9 to 10 hours a day. Weekend is off. But normally you do not get any vacation or off time for extra hours. But if you get along with your boss well he might give you some extra free time in case you do a trip and you like to have a longer weekend. salary is about 1500 S$ per month. Working language is English (90%) and German (10%).

Lernerfahrung und persönliche Entwicklung

Atmosphäre - T-Systems

Diese Persönlichkeit passt ins Unternehmen

You definitely need some humor when you have the luck to work the people I was working with. Further international experience would not be bad. You should to be able to just swallow things some times (if it is the time for this) but you also need to be man enough to stand up and to tell them what YOU want. Otherwise it could happen that you are lost. The better your analytical skills are, the more communicative you are the better chances you have. Moreover team ability can make your life there much easier.


Debis has excellent trainee programs (pro team). If you did a good job and you are close to your graduation, maybe ask for a recommendation. That could help in a later trainee application process. Concerning Go Global I guess I said enough already. Also see the earlier mentioned link. For Go Global go to the aforementioned website. I guess it was: www.jobs.debis.de Otherwise just call the offices and ask for the persons cos responsibilities changes

Kooperation untereinander

Die Stadt


O.k. this is important. I definitely recommend to stay with Joyce. We called it Joyce Palace. It is a cool place where on average about 25 interns are staying who are working with all kinds of companies you can think of. It is uncomplicated to get there (just fly :-)) and it is uncomplicated to get in if have the necessary visa... Party is excellent in Singapore. The American Embassy Party on every second Friday is a must, as well as some clubs and pubs on Wednesday, cos then it is Ladies Night!!! and an ever green is the Mohament Sultan Rd... The weekends (Saturday morning till Sunday) you should use to get tainted at Malaysia’s awesome islands-beaches...

Bewertung Stadt

Das Interview

Beworben für


Ablauf des Interviews

The entire application has to be in English of course. I guess best way is, if you really want to go to Singapore, to apply there directly (this is true for the most other Singaporean Companies, too and thus, you always should give ti a try). I myself applied with DEBIS "Go Global" program first, and after a successful application process I got forwarded and recommended to the Singaporean office. You should be ready for a phone interview in English, maybe in the local office language and expect questions corresponding to the typical personal, psychological ones related to your CV (strength and weaknesses...). This is especially the case if you try it via Go Global. But I can not tell you whether it would be a real advantage to go via Go Global although it was o.k. for me.

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