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Juli - September 2000



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  • Many cultures, great colleagues, you learn a lot, you have a lot of fun


  • very buerocratic, very slow system, no money if your country doesn´t pay you


I would recommend it to everybody. You learn a lot there. Not just how to do your job, but so much about different cultures, a little bit about yourself, as you are confronted with so many things, you learn languages, and it is very intersting to work in an international organization.

Beschreibung der Arbeit

The working language at the UN is Englisch, but they have 6 official languages. Englisch, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Russian. I was serving within the Fiance and Budget Section and worked there for the Travel Unit and for the Treasury. In the Travel Unit I got the work of a normal Gerneral Staff after a little training and worked with their accounting system called IMIS. My supervisors there were very friendly and nice, and whever I had a problem, they always helped me out immediatley. In the Treasury I did some research at the library and checked some numbers in their bank system. But my supervisor there had thought about a very intersting task. I had to write a marketing plan for the treasury. First of all I had to learn, how to write one, and I got a very good survey over UNOV, and other organisations.

Diese Persönlichkeit passt ins Unternehmen

-good sense of humor -not taking everything from people serious. The make a lit of fun with everybody, that one might not understand, because of the differnt culutres -very communicative -patience people sometimes explain everything 5 times, and some are hard to understand because of their accent


There is no special person to contact, because depedning on what one studies, and wants to do, different people get the application. The address is: Human Resources Management Section United Nations Office at Vienna P.O. Box 500 A-1400 Vienna Austria Or you call 43-1/26060-0, and ask for the number of somebody at the Human Resources

Das Interview

Beworben für


Ablauf des Interviews

When you apply there, send everything you have. Every certificate you have about computere skills, language skills etc. Another very important thing is the picture. Do not forget it. And take a nice one. And try to find out the number and call them. One friend of mine worked for personell, and he told me, that he tried everything to get a job for every intern who called him and sounded nice to him. As far as I know, there are no interviews for interns at all. But maybe in some sections? I have never heard of any. People come from all over the world. The UN can´t invite all of them. So I think it is important to call, as personal contact is very important and they would never know, what you are like.

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