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Anzahl Mitarbeiter in Deutschland 70
Anzahl Mitarbeiter weltweit 100
Anzahl offener Praktikumsplätze 10
Anzahl offener Stellen für Absolventen 20
Anzahl offener Stellen für Young Professionals 5



DHL Consulting is an essential part of the world’s leading mail and logistics company, Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL Group), with unparalleled access to its most important people – the top management of this prominent global organization. 

We have two key responsibilities at DHL Consulting. We provide a broad range of management consulting and business transformation services to all DPDHL business divisions, and we deliver strategic supply chain consulting services to many DPDHL Group customers. 

Consultants in DHL Consulting therefore have the unique opportunity to experience both in-house and external consulting projects. As DPDHL Group offices and customers are located in 220 countries and territories, this can take you virtually anywhere in the world!

Produkte und Leistungen

DHL Consulting combines business experience and logistics expertise to effectively answer the multifaceted business challenges of DPDHL Group. Our strategic advisory services help the Group’s businesses to run better, adding value and delivering internal objectivity. We draw on the collective project experience of DHL Consulting and we leverage the Group’s global wealth of industry leading research and innovation. In addition, we freely apply industry benchmarks, external case studies, international precedents, and fresh thinking. With our broad understanding of DPDHL Group, we identify key challenges, develop customized solutions, look beyond specific business areas, and implement change quickly and efficiently. To help the organization stay ahead of the curve, we work on many digitalization projects.  

We offers comprehensive range of Business Consulting Services to all of the many business units within the Deutsche Post DHL Group, including: 

  • Business and sector strategies (global, regional, country-level) 
  • Functional strategies and concepts (particularly for Finance, HR, IT, Sales) 
  • Product development and go-to-market strategies 
  • Business case analysis 
  • Process design and IT requirements analysis 
  • Sourcing concepts and vendor selection (e.g. offshoring, outsourcing) 
  • Program set-up, coordination and controlling Organizational design & transformation 
  • Cost reduction and turnaround 
  • Business implementation support 

Our professional advice nurtures and enables supply chain evolution for DPDHL Group customers in a wide range of sectors and industries, including automotive, energy, engineering and manufacturing, life sciences and healthcare, retail, technology, and more.

We provides broad range of Supply Chain Consulting Services transforming challenges into tangible improvement opportunities, including: 

  • Supply chain health check 
  • Sourcing and distribution strategy 
  • Strategic network design 
  • Supply chain set-up and governance 

Zusätzliche Informationen über das Unternehmen

At DHL Consulting, we have very diverse teams. Our consultants come from 25 different countries. With our largest office in Germany, many of our colleagues are German, but we are proud that over 1/3 of our colleagues have an international background. This internationality, along with global customers & projects, make a strong command of Business English a prerequisite for working with us. German language skills, on the other hand, are not required. 

We make sure to pay special attention to diversity when hiring new colleagues. Whatever their cultural heritage, ethnicity, or gender, what’s really common amongst our consultants is that they all hold university degrees in their field of study.  

Of course, we do not only seek people that are smart, but who also enrich our perspective and our team as a whole. We also cater to family needs wherever we can, for example, by offering individual working models for women with children.


Generating impact is an important motivator for me. Seeing our recommendations getting implemented by our clients is very rewarding.

David Senior Consultant


Einstiegsmöglichkeiten für Studenten und Absolventen

Master student or Bachelor’s student in your gap year: 
As a DHL Consulting intern, you are actively involved in a real project for 2-3 months. You work side-by-side with talented experts from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. We offer a steep learning curve, and empower you to take direct responsibility for your assignment. In addition to leaving your mark with your projects, and your personal learning experience, you also open an excellent pathway to eventual employment with DHL Consulting.  

University graduates:
DHL Consulting hires outstanding Bachelor’s degree graduates for positions as Associate Consultants. We provide on-the-job training, and an accelerated progression toward full responsibility for key project segments and important client interactions. Our aim is to give you the tools you need to grow and develop into an excellent consultant. 

Einstiegsmöglichkeiten für Young Professionals

Young Professionals: 
For ambitious professionals with up to 2 years of work experience, DHL Consulting provides a unique growth opportunity. 

Depending on your background – particularly your experience in consulting – you join us either as a Consultant or a Senior Consultant. In both cases, you quickly expand your professional and leadership skills through hands-on assignments in a variety of challenging projects. A team of expert colleagues assists you, while giving you the space you need to grow. An MBA degree from an elite school is particularly welcomed. 

DHL Consulting is exceptionally interested in professionals with at least 3-4 years of experience in management or supply chain consulting. Ideally, that means you also have experience in directing projects or major project segments, and leading project teams. 

A successful candidate joins us as either a Senior Consultant or a Project Manager. In either position, you further broaden and deepen your knowledge base and project-management skills through project development and responsibility. Meanwhile, you expand your leadership and coaching abilities through interactions with junior colleagues.

Anforderungen an Bewerber

The ideal applicant will offer analytical, problem-solving and communication skills along with proven business sense. We look for a first-rate academic record, willingness for feedback and continuous improvement, and a passion for excellent results. You must be fully competent in using English for business (German language skills are not required) and international experience is essential. For some of our projects, a background in IT and/or supply chain management would be advantageous.

Zusätzliche Informationen zu Einstiegs- und Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten

After joining us, we help you to quickly gain experience and build up your network. Working in your project team also provides a valuable on-the-job learning experience. 

Your “buddy” – a future colleague – will set up a program for your first days. You’ll get acquainted with DHL Consulting and your client. Introductory presentations about the business units will give you an overview of the organization, and your buddy will provide any support you need to help you get settled in your new environment. 

In addition, you’ll meet your Personal Developer (PD), who will support you from day one with personal career planning and advice on training opportunities, or any other personal support you may need. 



Silke Blum
Expert Recruiting Bonn
Tel.: +49 228 182 22828


After handing in your application online, we will review your qualifications. We will reach out to some of you and ask for additional documents. The next step will be an online assessment. If we want to get to know you personally, we will invite you to one of our frequent recruiting days, where you can take part in a series of one-on-one case interviews. If we are impressed by your performance throughout the recruiting day, we will offer you a contract at the end of the day.

Tipps zum Bewerbungsprozess

CV and cover letter 
Never underestimate the power of first impressions. Make sure your CV (résumé) clearly states who you are – with your work experience, academic background, and any other skill, activity or interest you feel is important to mention.  

Pay attention to the length of your CV: often less is more. Think of how many pages you need, considering your seniority and experience. Cover letters may seem old-fashioned, but they represent your opportunity to tell us in your own words why you’re the right person for the job. And, of course, make sure to use spell check before hitting ‘send’. 

Practice makes perfect. During the interviews, you’ll encounter structured behavioral interviews, possibly a role play, and for sure case studies representing real life project examples. Your individual case journey can cover the full range of our business, including management consulting and supply chain consulting topics. Make sure you’re familiar with case interviews so you can focus on the solution, rather than being caught off guard. 

Dress code 
There’s only one chance to make a first impression. How you dress is not going to impress anyone, but you should come dressed as if you were going to see a client in a consulting project.  

Before the interview, make sure you have enough rest and sleep. Make sure you arrive on time for the recruiting day. Plan for enough time prior to the interviews to settle down, get familiar with the environment and relax.      


Being a Personal Developer is a privilege. Giving direction and advice is something that is very much based on trust and the creation of an open atmosphere. And this is just part of our culture.

Jana Partner


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