27. November 2015, London

Interpersonal skills – your strategy for success

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Siemens Management Consulting
27. November 2015
8. November 2015


Siemens Management Consulting (SMC) is the top management strategy consultancy of Siemens. 

We support Siemens businesses worldwide in develop- ing solutions to meet twenty-first century challenges. Based out of offices in Beijing, Mumbai, and Munich, our consultants create trendsetting strategies in areas ranging from renewable energy to healthcare, pio- neering new business initiatives like digital factories, infrastructure solutions, and emerging market entries. 

We are inviting LSE and Imperial College master, MBA and PhD students of any field of study and who are interested in a career in consulting to meet SMC for a special inter- personal skills workshop. Master students (except MBA) should be proficient in German.  Prior to the workshop you will learn more about Siemens and its urban sustainability center “the Crystal”, one of the world’s most sustainable buildings. Following the work- shop we would like to invite you for an informal dinner to discuss any questions that you might have about Siemens Management Consulting.

We look forward to meeting you.

Cooperating with others is crucial for the success of a project. Successful consulting demands a high degree of social aptitude along with methodological knowledge and team spirit. This training session will equip you with lead- ership and communication techniques that will allow you to master the challenges of group dynamics and apply the key principles of successful team interaction. The techniques will be practiced in various exercises that are derived from real Siemens business situations.

When?November 27, 20151:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.Followed by an informal dinner

Where?The Crystal London (coach transfer from Imperial College / LSE will be provided) 

Interested? Please apply by November 8, by sending a resume (including all grades without certificates) to recruiting.smc@siemens.com (subject “SMC@The Crystal”). 


Please contact Claudia Steinbrich, Tel.: +49 89 636631151. 

For further information visit:www.facebook.com/SiemensManagementConsulting.

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Student postgradual (z.B. MBA, Promotion)

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Consulting - Corporate Finance, Consulting - HR Consulting, Consulting - IT Consulting, Consulting - Management Consulting

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Informatik, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Ingenieurswissenschaften, Wirtschaftswissenschaften - VWL, Wirtschaftswissenschaften - allgemein, Wirtschaftswissenschaften - BWL, Wirtschaftsingenieur

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