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180 Degrees Consulting Mannheim is the world´s largest university-based consultancy providing high-quality consulting services to social impact organizations. Our mission is to help these organizations solve real-life problems by utilizing the untapped potential of top university talent. Our consultants are passionate and driven individuals from diverse academic backgrounds who work together to provide innovative solutions to complex challenges faced by our clients. 

Studentische Unternehmensberatung


Case Club
The Case Club is an important part of the 180 Degrees Consulting student initiative, offering aspiring consultants the chance to develop skills and gain experience. Members work together to solve real consulting cases and receive weekly training in areas such as market sizing and investment decisions.
dditionally, our PowerPoint and Excel crash courses, led by industry experts, provide our members with the final edge they need to succeed in interviews.
Upon completion of the term, participants become certified 180DC Associates and have the opportunity to transition to a student consultant role. 

Research Center
At 180 Degrees Consulting, our research division provides research services for both our corporate partners and other consultants within our organization. The division is split into two teams, with one team focused on market analysis and the other team focused on competitor analysis. Our experienced analysts conduct extensive research using various methods and tools to provide valuable insights and data to our clients. 

Consulting Projects
The consulting projects build the core of our initiative. Our team of student consultants offers a fresh and innovative approach to help organizations gain an objective outside-in perspective and solve their problems. Leveraging the skills and experience of our student consultants who have already gained valuable experience through internships, we are highly motivated and commited to delivering sustainable solutions tailored to our clients´needs. Addtionally, our clients benefit from access to the expansive 180DC network, enabling us to tap into additional resources and expertise.



Our initiative is organized in seven internal teams which are Marketing, Events, Education, Partner Relations, IT, Finance & Legal, and Client Relations, each dedicated to their respective areas of expertise. 


The members of 180 Degrees Consulting Mannheim are students from the University of Mannheim, which is widely regarded as one of the top Business Administration universities in Germany. Our members come from diverse academic backgrounds and are passionate about utilizing their skills and knowledge to help non-profit organizations or social enterprises. They are innovative thinkers who are constantly looking for new and creative ways to approach problems and find solutions. 


The organizations that we are currently partnering with include KPMG, Siemens Advanta Consulting, Capcora, Ebner Stoltz Management Consultants, Thyssenkrupp Management Consulting, and Ernst & Young. These companies are leaders in their respective fields and bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our members by hosting workshops or networking events. We are proud to have these organizations as our partners and are looking to further expand our parntership network. 

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