Q-Summit is Germany’s biggest conference for entrepreneurship and innovation solely organized by students. 

 This year’s key topics are:

 - Future of Money
 - Responsible Leadership

Why should you attend?
Q-Summit is an event to share ideas and insights, ignite action and unite a community of doers. You can expect inspiring speeches and panels, exciting pitch battles, inspiring workshops and much more…
Secure your next internship or exchange ideas with other founders and people interested in setting up a business!





From inspiring Speeches and Panels to exciting Pitch Battles and interactive Workshops. From promising Speed-Datings to our Innovillage and evening networking events.
At Q-Summit, we surprise our participants with different innovative conference formats each year. Stay tuned! 2023!



The People behind Q:
We are a team of about one hundred passionate students, alumni and other supporters organizing Germany’s largest student-led innovation conference.
 „The team behind Q-Summit is a true Q-Family. While organising this conference we grow closer together and form a strong bond and team spirit. Every individual in our team has an impact on Q-Summit in it’s own way and develops skills along the way that are very useful in life. I’m very proud to lead my wonderful team of smart, motivated and confident “Q-ties”.“ – Erland Böckenförde (Chairman) 



Q-Summit is the achievement of intensive collaboration! We are very thankful for the support from companies, investors, university representatives, partner societies and many more! Without those collaborations, Q-Summit would not be possible!



Get inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit at Q!
Listen to controversial speeches, exciting pitch battles and join an interactive workshop conducted by Q-Summit’s partners.

Q-Summit is a dynamic hub bringing together Europe’s brightest minds of the academic, startup and corporate world. Be inspired and expand your network.

Job opportunities
Q-Summit is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to successful corporate partners and high-potential startups. Take your chance to convince them that you are the perfect fit for their vacancy!




There is a strong connection between current and former Q-Summit members. We largely profit from our Alumni-Network which passes on its knowledge and shapes Q-Summits vision in collaboration with new members. Many alumni are pursuing successful careers in Venture Capital or founded themselves like Q-Summit co-founder Fabian Sinn from tanso.

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