2. - 26. Juli 2021, Online

Deloitte - Hacky Holidays SPACE RACE

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2. - 26. Juli 2021



Hacky Holidays SPACE RACE is a themed online game taking place from July 2nd to July 26th where you can test and improve your skills with all sorts of challenges (technical puzzles) related to cyber security. Do you have what it takes to solve all challenges and to capture the flags?

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Die Teilnehmer

Who can participate?

The event is open for anyone who is interested in cyber security and wants to improve their skills while having fun and competing towards the top of the scoreboard.

Die Anmeldung / Bewerbung

Are you interested? Take your laptop / PC and your favorite (hacking) tools, get your team of hackstronauts together and join now!

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What you can expect?

The theme of this Hacky Holidays edition is SPACE RACE. Get your Hackstronauts together, form a team to break encrypted codes, hack applications and solve other hacking challenges in order to win the race to the new planet and plant your flag. The storyline of the race contains of 3 main phases.

Phase 1 | starting July, 2nd

To win SPACE RACE, you’ll need the perfect crew and spaceship. Find the fastest pilot to fly your ship, the most skilled technicians to prep your gear and the niftiest software engineers to get your systems race ready.

Phase 2 | starting July, 9th

Get ready, set, GO! Make a smooth launch into space. Navigate through the galaxy. Dodge obstacles, asteroids and your opponents. Give your crew the right instructions to get the lead in the race.

Phase 3 | starting July, 16th

Will you be the first to arrive on Planet Hackazon? Make a perfect landing and plant your flag on planet Hackazon. Start building your Space Village by creating space factories, farms and shelter. And don't forget to send a message to your Home planet.


Bevorzugter Bewerberstatus

Auszeit, Sonstiges, Bachelor-Student, Berufstätig (0-3 Jahre), Berufstätig (4-7 Jahre), Berufstätig (>7 Jahre), Master/Diplom-Student, Quereinsteiger, Referendar, Schüler / Ausbildung, Staatsexamen-Student, Student postgradual (z.B. MBA, Promotion)

Bevorzugte Branchen

Consulting - Management Consulting, Consulting - IT Consulting, Informationstechnologie

Bevorzugte Studienrichtungen

Agrar-, Forstwissenschaften, Informatik, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Ingenieurwissenschaften, Jura, Rechtswissenschaften, Mathematik, Medien-, Kommunikationswissenschaften, Medizin, Gesundheitswesen, Naturwissenschaften, Sonstiges, Sozial-, Geisteswissenschaften, Sprach-, Kulturwissenschaften, Wirtschaftsingenieur, Wirtschaftsrecht, Wirtschaftswissenschaften - BWL, Wirtschaftswissenschaften - VWL, Wirtschaftswissenschaften - allgemein

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