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Annika Banner joined a newly formed team at the new office in London. She tells about her path to Deutsche Bank Management Consulting, her typical day and what’s the most rewarding part of her job.

Deutsche Bank Annika Banner

My path to Deutsche Bank Management Consulting: 

After my apprenticeship at a German savings bank I knew that I would like to pursue a career in Finance. Therefore, I studied Banking and Finance at the University of Cologne in Germany and subsequently joined the Deutsche Bank Graduate Programme. After 2 years, when the programme came to an end, I was very well connected within DB and got the chance to move to London and work for the Risk Culture team. After 1 year, I was looking for a new challenge. DMBC, which was already established in Frankfurt and Singapore, just set up its London office and I took the opportunity and joined the newly formed team. It was great to be part of that group from the beginning and enabled me to help growing the team and client portfolio.

I joined Deutsche Bank Management Consulting because:

I like the idea of a new challenge / project every few months while at the same time getting deep insights into the bank.

A typical day at work:

We work very close as team, therefore first thing in the morning I connect with my team members to understand how they are doing. Reading emails and checking the diary is crucial to plan the next hours. During the day, we usually have meetings with our stakeholders where we discuss various topics. Depending on the project phase, we continue with preparing presentations and analyses.

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The most rewarding part of my job:

It feels very rewarding to me when working with a ‘client’ (the area / team at DB we are supporting) for a while, I start to notice them trusting and appreciating our work. In many cases, our client brings DBMC on board, share their visions and goals with us and we work jointly on achieving that. Many great relationships and even friendships have been forged over the years. It is rewarding to work with a wide range of bright, motivated and hard-working people, ranging from analysts to management board members. I have the feeling that all those interactions and project challenges gave me the chance to learn something new.

When I am not working:

During the lockdown I naturally spend time with my husband, my two young children and connect with friends / family in Germany. Once travel restrictions are lifted, we will start travelling to many countries again.

What I would like to tell a potential candidate about Deutsche Bank Management Consulting:

Join DBCM if you would like to work not only for a multinational financial services company, but also in a management consulting setting. If you enjoy project work, solving problems and are looking for a challenge, this could be a rewarding opportunity for you.

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