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After almost four years at another consultancy firm I joined AFRY Management Consulting in Stockholm in May 2021. At AFRY you get to work with various assignments, mostly connected to strategic initiatives within the Energy business. 

There is no typical work day as it varies a lot depending on project and the topic of that specific assignment. In my team we focus mostly on strategic projects within the Energy business, but the projects vary from performing a market analysis to be involved in operational excellence questions, support in transactions and create strategies.

 I like what AFRY stands for and that there is a clear focus on sustainability in the organization. The work itself is both interesting and challenging, and the colleagues are always supportive and friendly. 


Matilda Richter, (Master in industrial Engineering and Management),
Office Stockholm, AFRY Management Consulting


Dr. Antriksh Singh, (PhD in Energy, Policy and Economics),
Office Zurich, AFRY Management Consulting

I am a Senior Consultant at AFRY Management Consulting Switzerland, with a strong focus on M&A / Transaction Advisory Services. I have been with AFRY for over 3 years now. I am a Ph.D. from ETH Zürich in the fields of energy, policy and economics, and have experience of more than 11 years in the energy and infrastructure sectors.

 In my job, no two days are the same. However, as a team, we start our day with a strong coffee to catch-up on the progress of ongoing projects and prioritize our tasks. Depending on the projects at hand, my day could include several back-to-back meetings with clients or it could be a quiet one spent developing models and conducting analyses. 

I absolutely cherish that I get to work on challenging and meaningful projects. I am always learning new things in my jobs while working together with some of the smartest people from across the world. I feel proud that I help experts and decision-makers come together and execute tough decisions more objectively, rationally,
and critically.

I am a consultant in the Bio­industry sector focusing on Pulp & Paper, mainly supporting commercial due diligence and strategic assessments. I joined AFRY Management Consulting in 2019, previously working in the paper manufacturing industry. 

I always try to get up extra early to get in a gym session before work. My day is generally balanced between client calls, preparing project material and a few coffees in between. At night, I like to wind-down with a nice cocktail (not every night though!). 

Being from Australia, I love working on an international platform and having the ability to meet clients from all across the globe. Working at AFRY allows you to be exposed to many different projects and clients. 

Every day is different which keeps things interesting and fun!


Adrian Crispo, (Bachelor of Chemical Engineering),
Office London, AFRY Management Consulting


I work as an Analyst with the North American Energy Consulting Team in AFRY. Before this role I received my masters in Sustainable Energy Futures at Imperial College and a dual-degree in Engineering/Environmental Science at the University of Pennsylvania focusing on energy research. 

I have always had a strong interest in renewable energy throughout my academic career and enjoy being able to work so closely with the industry now. A typical day for me involves developing some of the North American electricity market models. I have become the market model lead for California and the surrounding southwest region of the US, an area I’m quite familiar with after growing up there.

Working out of New York also involves a lot of client contact and marketing of our services as we expand further in the US. I certainly enjoy the work we do at AFRY as it feels like we are having an impact on the global energy transition. 

However most of all I really enjoy the colleagues I work with who come from broad backgrounds and all have some­thing different to offer. The culture is extremely encouraging and career progression is made a top priority.


Julia Fordham, (Master in Sustainable Energy Future),
Office New York, AFRY Management Consulting


Hannes Preißler-Kurzhöfer, (Bch. in Economic Science and Master in Chemistry), Office Berlin, AFRY Management Consulting

I am a Consultant in the Energy department focusing on projects concerned with the decarbonization of the heat-, mobility- and industry-sector. Be it e-mobility, power-to-X or advanced recycling technologies, my main motivation is to find potential synergies in the sector-interfaces for GHG-emission reductions on large scales since joining AFRY Management Consulting in autumn 2018. 

The variety is the norm – One day you are deep into an Excel model calculating the most efficient technologies to decarbonise a district heat system by your own, the next day you pitch a project for the adaptation of a chemical park to a CEO with your whole project team in close cooperation with colleagues in the engineering division. 

Within AFRY, there is a great comradeship among the colleagues, regardless of office location or career level. Furthermore, the projects we work on are very topical within the current transition of the energy system as well as society as a whole, making it always interesting and influential.

I joined AFRY Management Consulting as an Analyst in May 2021 and worked on numerous very different consulting projects during my first months at AFRY. These already involved a lot of different topics in the packaging and tissue practice area which is part of AFRY’s Bioindustry Management Consulting. 

Usually, the day starts with coordination meeting with a senior colleague and discussions about the tasks of the previous day, which I then deal with. Working hours and intensity depend heavily on the respective kind of project as well as in which project phase we are currently in. 

All in all, working at AFRY is a very diversified job. Right from the start, you are given responsibility for small individual tasks, which can already be challenging from the beginning, but with that you can also grow quickly and learn a lot. I would especially like to emphasize here that the colleagues are really outstanding. They gave me a very warm welcome right from the start, so that I immediately felt comfortable and was able to identify very quickly as a part of AFRY.


Kristina Straßburger, (Master in Printing and Packaging Technology),
Office Munich, AFRY Management Consulting


Bülent Mutlu, Senior Principal and Head of Expertise Cluster „Power and Heat Generation“,
Office Düsseldorf, AFRY Management Consulting

Together with our interdisciplinary and highly motivated AFRY teams, we are mainly providing solutions for growth strategies in transforming energy markets, decarbonisation concepts and strategies for existing generation assets, operational and digital transformation, transaction advisory and strategic assessments. 


In my role as leading the Expertise Cluster Power and Heat Generation, I am closely working together with all my colleagues from all AFRY Office locations worldwide (London / Madrid / Milan / Berlin / Dubai / Beijing / Bangkok / … ). This is very exciting, as I have the possibility to work together with many colleagues from different markets and cultures. Very often I am in a call with e.g. 10 colleagues, and each of us is coming from a different cultural background, this is very exciting as you can learn a lot from each other.


I love working for AFRY, a highly reputable energy market focused boutique management consulting, as I love hiking in the mountains with my family and friends. I love celebrating our successful projects with our clients, as I love preparing Mediterranean dinner with wonderful German wine for my guests.


Happy to celebrate with you!

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