ESADE Business School

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Ein Student der ESADE Business School berichtet über den Studiengang Master in International Management (MSc).

Der Bewerbungsprozess

First of all you should have a CV, then a Cover letter in which you argue why you want to study at this particular university and why this particular master program. Furthermore you need three references from former employers and/or university professors which shows your ability to study at ESADE Business School.
When it comes to the languages and other tests, you should have the following an TOEFL (internet based) of 100 and a GMAT Score of 650. Different interviews were organized in different countries and we were asked to register if we wanted to have one when the interviewer would come to our city. There were specific dates for different countries and cities and you had to see if you are able to attend or not. Also, if there was no possibility of attending any of the interviews, you would still be assessed from the pool of applicants. But, of course being able to attend the interview is a plus, as the university establishes a direct contact with you. I don’t know how many candidates were seen per city but it was a one-to-one interview. The interviewer was very friendly and gave me a feeling of self-confidence of being accepted.
After the one on one interview for the master program, I had a phone interview but in regards of the CEMS-Master in Management program which is a master year integrated in the normal program. Again, the interview was basically focused on cultural issues, motivation and to get to know you better. Participate in the "city interviews" if possible to get a positive response from ESADE Business School.

Das Masterprogramm und die Hochschule

First of all, the city is one of the best cities to live in the whole world - Barcelona. Second of all, the reputation of ESADE is one of the best business schools in Europe. Moreover, they have incorporated in their program study tours (one week in China, in my case) and the fact that the program is in English and it offers you a lot of internationality and cultural diversity.
I decided to apply because of the ranking and the city it was located in. I found that it suited my profile, and I liked it more than the other master options that ESADE had to offer.

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