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Master an der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

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Raluca studiert an der WU Wien und berichtet über den Masterstudiengang CEMS Master in International Management.

Der Bewerbungsprozess

Application period: rolling application from 1st of September-31st of January. The first step in the application process has to do with the online application tool from the university’s website. You have to upload a CV, 2 letters of recommendation from different sources, plus fill in other online sections like motivational questions, at least 2 international experiences in the form of summer schools, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Work and Travel etc. You have to have a previous undergraduate program with 180 ECTS, out which 60 ECTS credits have to be earned by passing exams in the field of business administration.


Language test proof for English: valid TOEFL 600/250/100, valid IELTS 7.0, valid TOEIC 800, CAE (Certificate of Advanced English), CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English), BEC Higher (Business English Certificate Higher). GMAT 650, compulsory only for non-EU applicants, but an advantage for EU ones. The second step was the case study based interview. Around 200 candidates were invited. One part was reading and preparation of the case study individually for one hour. Then a one hour group discussion of 3-4 students about the case solution along with a corporate partner and CEMS Head Office, basically the simulation of a potential board meeting. The atmosphere was relaxed, open discussion and Q&A session. During the case study solution students might get a chart to explain or to position a product in a market segment.

Hints: Preparation material HBR Case Studies, cultural awareness is very important in simulating a discussion with unknown and international students. Prepare for behavioral questions: why this university, why this program, why choosing this particular exchange school? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you would have to choose which animal which one would you be? If you would have to choose a brand which one would you be?

Das Masterstudium und die Hochschule

When it comes to WU and the CEMS program, I can directly associate it with the words: networking and resources. One of the main successes of WU-CEMS is its ability of creating Social Events in which many Corporate Partners are involved, therefore offering the students the possibility of interacting directly with companies and creating opportunities. Moreover, the course structure is adequate, most of the courses being based on international group works where you interact with different cultures, different educational backgrounds, elements that encourage students to learn how to cope with other nationalities and how to organize an agenda based on the schedule of others which might be trickier that one assumes.


Wings for Careers

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I decided to apply for CEMS WU due to previous positive experience with the Austrian Educational System during my Erasmus Semester. I consider WU an university that is able to provide a solid background to its students, whether we are talking about social skills or professional skills. The CEMS program gives each student the ability to internationalize through an exchange semester abroad and an internship abroad.
This adds another cultural and professional experience to the portfolio as one is not able to do the CEMS internship for WU in the country where one graduated bachelor or in the country where one was born. Additionally, each student has to take part in four days of skill seminars which are hold usually by Corporate Partners companies offering skills and insights that usually you do not have access to. Furthermore, each student has to be part of a Business Project (again offered by a Corporate Partner company) which gives each of us the possibility to get involved in a real company problem scenario. Split in groups each of the students has to come up with innovative and problem solving skills in order to give the most adequate solution to the received problem. 

I consider that the CEMS program is able to give students an amazing international life experience backed up with knowledge from two different educational systems and access to an exclusive network of top companies and successful alumni.

Erfahre mehr über das Master-Studium sowie die Bewerbung und Zulassung an der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien.

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